Entry #1


2015-08-18 17:28:56 by IncognitoArtist

I am new to Newgrounds but am not new to digital art and animation. I am a recent transfer from DeviantART (due to their recent unsavory changes), and decided to join Newgrounds. I have been sharing digital art for 3 years and have been studying it for approximately 5 years and have been sharing music for about 4 years but have studied it for 7 years. I love the collaboration community on this site and if you are interested in collaborating with me, I am a digital artist, animator, and musician and would love to collaborate on any project on Newgrounds, as long as I am credited.

I also specialize in music album cover commissions and animation poster commissions for specific prices depending on commercial use and/or complexity.

Just PM me if you would either like a commission or would like to collaborate.



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